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News Update

Must let you know folks – yet another pressed CD bootleg has recently emerged on Amazon, eBay etc. This time it is of ‘Cosmic Crusader’, and it has been copied from the original, but its tell tale hallmark of fakeness is that the big fold out poster is absent, they have cut the artwork to fit the CD size booklet.


NEWS UPDATE! Late Summer 2012:

* Kraznet now writes for Sound on Sound magazine, and amply demonstrates his expertise in production and technical skills. Check out 'Gateway to the Seventh Dimension'!

* Clear Blue Sky will be shortly presenting you with stunning new videos, as well as a new album!

Great news!

* A brand new, all-original album is near completion and will be available soon. Entitled 'Don't Mention Rock 'n' Roll', it features Thomas Tiefenbacher (aka Tom Space) on drums, plus Lee Limerick and Ohead. New videos will also be released, giving great visual interpretations.

* John Simms is recording with the great British psychedelic, space-rock musician and composer Ohead.

* Kraznet has just released further tutorial videos for Samplitude. Check this out!

* The live recordings of John Simms performing with The Outskirts of Infinity will be available soon.


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